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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  July 28, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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case. barring lars strike a local daycare. the thieves took food and toys. when you hear what else they took you may get angrier. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. >> breaking at 5:00 murder charges against two men in a deadly carjacking. jonathan rosa and cornelius crawford each charmed with three counts of physical felony murder and sexual assault. philadelphia police say these men sexually assault add woman right before they crashed her suv into a family. big developments this evening in a case that is rivetted our community. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. let's get you right out to fox 29's dave schratwieser live at philadelphia police headquarters with the breaking details tonight. dave. >> reporter: iain, both suspects are behind bars here awaiting arraignment on those murder charges. police sources tell us tonight that police do have a video taped confession from one of the suspects. they face a laundry list of charges. including carjacking,
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kidnapping, robbery and sexual assault. >> within hours of friday's tragic triple fatal crash in tie egg good, homicide detectives were already closing in on the suspects who bailed out of this carjacked suv after causing all of this carnage. by sunday night, both men were behind bars being questioned hours later they were charged with murder. >> what they did was indefensible and also unforgivable. so whatever remorse they may are may not have does that bring back the three young children. >> reporter: crashed till thomas reid, 15 year old key era williams and seven year old terrence moore. it left their mother 34 year old keisha williams in critical condition. >> both of these defendants being charged with three counts of murder in the second degree. both of those have mandatory live sentence. >> homicide detectives tracked down the suspects after a good samaritan recovered one of their phones at the crash scene and called police. >> that cell phone ended up by jonathan rosa's cell phone that got the investigation really
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going. >> reporter: 19 your old jonathan rosa surrendered with his mother sunday. police then took 22 year old cornelius crawford into custody. rosa is cooperating. >> made a statement without me being present. he is doing everything in his power to a tone for this, and like i said, he is completely shattered. >> reporter: police took fingerprints and surveillance video from the scene where the two men randomly carjacked a 45 year old real estate agent and went on aeried wild driving spree. they alternated behind the wheel and sexuale sexualed assaulted n in the back seat. police have video from the crash scene. >> he's never been arrested before. never been in trouble. never been in jail supposed to be going into the marines in couple of months and obviously that's not going to happen. >> reporter: commissioner ramsey thanked his homicide detectives who he says are the best in the nation and he also thanked the public for their help. former nba super star charles barkley has offered to pay for the funerals of the three victims coming up at 6:00 more on one suspect's criminal record
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and what he was doing out of prison at the time of this crime. iain? >> dave, thank you. see you again at 6:00. memorial at the scene of friday's crash is growing. people are dropping off momentos to show their grief and support to the familiar who's have lost so much in this tragedy. these small tokens show a city in mourning and struggling to pre hen the senseless tragedy. donation have been pouring in to help family. we'll continue to follow developments on this story throughout night. get the very latest by heading to our website we will post all the updates for you right there on the home pa page. >> five people are in the hospital right now after exposure to some type of chemical in north hmm ton county. sky fox over the 700 block of smith lane in northampton this morning. the green starry cycling plant right there. we don't know the condition of the people nor what they were exposed to as of yet. firefighters did deacon tom 98 dozens of people at the scene as a precaution. >> skyfox over hatboro where police are on the scene of a crash between a car and a
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construction vehicle. this happened at east county line road and oakdale avenue. we don't know the conditions of the people involved in the crash. >> and police in delaware county are now looking for a furious father. he's accused of punching another man at a wawa store after claiming the customer was eyeing his teenaged daughter. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live outside that wawa in upper darby. sabina? >> reporter: iain, no dad wants to see some guy checking out his teenaged daughter, right? well, cops say this father may have over reactioned. upper darby police want you to look twice at this father/daughter duo wanted for questioning in a sucker punch assault inside an upper darby wawa around 5:15 sunday afternoon. cops say the dad became enraged when he claimed to see a fellow customer looking at his teenaged daughter. >> the man ordering the sandwich said he wasn't looking at the guy' daughter and the guy sucker punched him. knocking him to the ground. >> 47 year old victim suffered a possible concussion and remains hospitalized. police say the dad could be
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charged with assault and making terroristic threats. >> give me break. if somebody is look the at somebody else, it's not enough to get sucker punched and hospitalized. i mean, i could see if there was, you know, assault or a threat. >> reporter: shoppers around the wawa say they can understand the dad's irritation but think he should have used his words not his fists. >> i think they're both in the wrong. street harassment is a serious thing. and some guys can be a little purserred. i wasn't there. i didn't know what was said. violence is never acceptable either. >> reporter: the dad and daughter got away in a dark colored four door ford. if you know anything call upper darby police. iain. >> sabina, thank you. police are questioning a suspect in a deadly shooting in montgomery county. skyfox over the 1100 block of willow street where a 22 year old man was shot and killed around 1:00 o'clock this morning. police say no charges have been filed yet. >> to your fox 29 weather
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authority now. quite the day of cleanup for lot of us after a night of heavy duty storms. take look at what happened to this house on christopher mill road in medford, new jersey. a tree fell smack dab on the family's home but thankfully nobody is hurt. chief meteorologist scott williams is looking to head to very different night. hey, scott. hi there, lucy. much improved from what we were getting last night. showers and thunderstorms moved through the area a lot of heavy rain and some damage across the area. most of the severe weather this afternoon and evening well to the north and east of us into sections of new england, a few spotty showers trying to make its way toward sections of the pocono mountains we'll keep that chance in a especially north and west. but look at the temperatures right now. in the low 80s. it's comfortable. humidity in the low 40s right now. but it is pretty gussie. those winds 30 miles an hour in the philadelphia area. but look at the temperatures. 60 that's it root now in the pocono mountains.
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low 80s in atlantic city. upper 70s in reading. so for tonight, it will stay breezy, humidity starts to drop. and what about tomorrow? a breath of fresh air. sunshine, below average temperatures. we'll talk about those numbers in just how cool it will get in your backyard coming up. lucy. >> i am looking forward to that. thank you very much, scott. you can stay up to date of course by checking you can already start planning for what's ahead by clicking the weather tab at the top of our home page and checking out that seven day forecast. >> daycare workers in north philadelphia show up to date to find their building vandalized and some beloved pets missing. fox 29's joyce evans joins us live in our newsroom with details much pets were stolen, joyce? >> reporter: this is a low down crime carried out by somebody who neighbors believe was probably helped at some time by the services provided at this long-standing community center. >> we've had break ins before but nothing to this extent. >> reporter: they used bolt cutters to get through several chained and locked fences, then
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this window. >> they spent the weekend in here. they went through every single room, opened every single door and took what they wanted to. >> reporter: they took the kids computers, but not all of them. >> there's no rhyme or reason. >> reporter: they took the preschoolers food from the locked cupboards. the freezers. even the vending machines. >> we have 266 pre-school children. three, five year olds we feed in this building every day, breakfast, lunch and snack. >> reporter: they didn't stop there. they took all but one of the class pets. hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits that the kids raised from newborn bunnies. >> when you explain to four year old why their pet is missing, how do you do that in way that's not going to make them feel afraid to come to school the next day? >> reporter: executive director john lavery says lighthouse is philadelphia's oldest non-profit community center and for the first time he can remember, people from preschoolers, job seekers and seniors around second and lehigh were greeted by a closed sign instead of services. >> it's sad. makes me want to cry.
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>> how you going to steal something from kids? >> it's deaf stating. this is for people who have no income really. >> reporter: families with kids in tow stopped by after volunteers helped clean up the mess. the glass and recovered ruined goods from a cubbyhole outside on the grounds strewn with hypodermic needles. >> every teacher will come through tomorrow and and going through their classroom. my radio is missing or my children's artwork from this corner is missing. we don't even know really. >> reporter: police are investigating and the lighthouse center is expected to reopen in the morning. but replacing what was stolen or damaged, well, that's going to be tough for them since most of what they had was donated in the first place. iain. >> thank you, joyce. >> other major headlines tonig tonight. your philadelphia eagles are back at it. the team holding its first open practice today at the linc. >> and fans no doubt pumped to see the birds in action. fox 29's howard eskin life at the novacare complex in south
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philly. how war, we are ready for some football. >> reporter: i mean, everybody is ready for football. the fans are. open practice is great for the fans no more lehigh for the fans to travel. to you can just walk in and go in and be a part of watching the eagles practice today. so they practiced right across the street we're at the novacare complex. they went over there for the d day. they estimated about 15,000 fans came out to watch their open practice. the eagles have two more but it's interesting. there was another little skirmish today. let's get chip kelly who always puts things in perspective on yesterday's skirmish between lesean mccoy and trent cole. chip kelly i think is great at putting these things in per sp perspective. >> they're emotions got the better part of them and those things happen much knots different than sometimes little kids don't get along very well and throw to know today truck at each other. i won -- i don't think the fact that it made sports center must
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have been real slow sports that. two kids pushed each other in practice somewhere. not a real big deal. >> reporter: you know what's amazing, that sports center everybody makes a big deal because it's on sports center. hey, listen, we all have skirmishes, right? we have times we don't get along, right it's no big deal. i'm only kidding. but coming up later we'll talk bow the little fight and this one was little more heated and we'll talk about that and just what's going on here at camp coming you later in sports. back to you guys. >> i never saw you iain and going at it howard. i'll whip my camera out and get that video if it happens. >> watch yourself, mr. eskin. >> local parents are reaching out to fox 29 frustrated that a promised scholarship for their son is behind schedule. >> tonight we're the case. what fox 29 has found out by why the parents are still waiting for the money. and another american now has the dreaded and deadly e bowl la virus in africa as bad as this is, doctors say they do have
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hope. >> and they thought they may never walk again until now. later the new suit giving never walk again until now. later the new suit giving wheelchair p p
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box! now at h.h. gregg, you can save up to 25% off store-wide. plus, get another 5% off instantly with your h.h. gregg card. get this whirlpool stainless steel three door refrigerator now only $1499. or a samsung 55" smart tv for just $788. for these amazing deals, and the boxes they come in, hurry to h.h. gregg, and fill your home with happy. ♪ >> a man is dead after an overnight shooting in philadelphia's feltonville section. it wounded four others. police were called out to the 4900 block of north front street just after midnight. police say a 20 year old man was shot multiple times. four other people are all in the hospital in stable condition. so far there are no suspects. >> the suspect in a deadly hospital campus shooting in
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delaware county remains hospitalized tonight. 49 year old are you char plots faces multiple charges including murder. police say plots opened fire on the mercy fitzgerald hospital campus on thursday. they say he killed his mental health caseworker. plots does not yet have an attorney. he'll likely get a public defender when doctors do release him from the hospital. >> parents of 30 catholic school students in the philadelphia region are wondering tonight what happened to the scholarship money they were promised and one couple asked our bruce gordon to take look much he's live in the newsroom tonight with answers bruce. >> reporter: in these tight money times every dollar helps you want to send your kids to catholic school but a bridesburg couple contacted us with a rather bizarre claim. the scholarship their son had won has so far at least cost them money. the news came as jarod healey was graduating from eighth grade. he was the recipient of a $1,000 a year scholarship from the morgan and smokey brown foundation. based on character and handed out by neighborhood good guy pat
5:16 pm
brown the money would help pay the tuition at neumann-goretti. >> your reaction immediately is? it's great. you know, a thousand dollars. um, you know, so the tuition goes from 6150 to 515 5150. >> i was excited. i was very proud. i was very proud that he got it. >> reporter: basically for being a good kid? >> yeah. >> reporter: jared thrived in his freshman year at the high school. played freshman basketball and made the varsity baseball team. but when spring arrived mom and dad were notified they were to attend a mandatory gala on behalf of scholarship recipients at 300 bucks a couple. >> it's small money to get bigger money. i thought, okay, we'll do this. >> reporter: meanwhile his parents were shorting their monthly tuition bill by a bit. believing the scholarship was picking up the rest. it was not. the school year ended the healeys learned they were a thus san dollars short on their tuition bill. christine healey says she called the foundation to ask where is the money? >> you're told early june if not late may win a couple of weeks this will be taken care of,
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you'll have your thousand dollars? correct. >> reporter: dan late july? >> nothing has been paid. >> reporter: in a statement the philadelphia archdiocese told us, as of this date, the morgan smokey brown scholarship has not directed any funds to the archdiocese for the 2013-14 academic year these funds were promised on behalf of the student six weeks ago. but have not yet materialized. when i reached pat brown by phone he explained an on hiv going irs audit that left him short on cash. but that he expected the situation to be resolved within two to four weeks. bottom line -- >> foundation money will be going out before the start of this next school year you're telling me? >> yes. >> reporter: okay. okay. >> pat brown says the healeys should have known to pay their tuition in full each month. that the scholarship money would come at the end of the school year. of course it hasn't come. at least not yet and the archdiocese confirms the majority of the 30 or so scholarship recipients are in the same boat in arrears because of confusion over when the
5:18 pm
scholarship money would be paid out. to be clear, the morgan smokey brown foundation has helped lots of families with catholic high school tuition. let's hope this situation can be resolved to everyone's satisfaction. iain and lucy? >> bruce, thank you let's hope so. great us in for a kitten who is cashing in on one of her nine lives. >> good thing she had nine lives her name is hope and she lost her eyes to an infection. a glenn olden family found hope in the middle of traffic during a thunderstorm. look how she cute this. the an gentlemen lucci has family has been take agoing care of her ever since but her vet bills are really high. both eyes have to be closed shut to prevent the infection from coming back. the if family set up a go monday fee account and contacted us. within minutes, of the story airing on the news at 10:00 last night you responded big time and we're so thankful. the family has surpasse surpasss fundraising goal of $1,000 and their contacting their vet
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today. set up hope's surgeries and that plan to cute their little kitt kitten. she's super sweet. fox 29 wants to help you get results. if you have an issue vest our website at and click on the get results t tab. >> now on to your fox 29 weather authority. so many people still talking were you those storms from last night. they put on quite a show. check out this picture from one of our fox 29 viewers showing the skies over berks county or this one from west goshen chester county. thanks for sending in all the great pictures. so anything like that again tonight? here's meteorologist scott william. >> hi there, iain. i think most of the severe weather threat will remain into sections of new england as we look at the satellite/radar you can see most of the lightning right now into upstate new york moving into sections of vermont, new hampshire and also massachusetts. but for us we're watching a thin line of some light scattered showers trying to enter the picture toward sections of the pocono mountains as well as the lehigh valley. otherwise, it's going to be pretty breezy stepping outdoors. look at the current winds gusting to the west at 30 miles
5:20 pm
per hour in philadelphia. winds gusting close to that in wilmington as well as millville. so hang on to those hats if you're stepping outdoors. look at the temperatures already dropping to 60 degrees right now in the pocono mountains. upper 70s in lancaster. low 80s right now in atlantic city. we're watch the dew points dropping as well and talk about just how cool it gets tonight and the pleasant weather pattern that will be setting up shop coming up. lucy. >> thank you very much, scott. speaking of weather a rare tornado captured on video in connecticut and now residents are surveying the damage. and something else happened nearby to make it that much worse. >> plus bittersweet news out of the israeli hamas conflict. this baby was just delivered and she's being called a miracle. what doctors had to do to save her life. >> and the plane makes an emergency landing on a florida beach killing a father and badly injuring his young daughter. his chilling facebook post just
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>> sex as sought suspect killed in a shoot out yao law enforcement in new york city. officials say they were trying to arrest the man when he started firing. two federal marshals and a police officer were injured. they are in the hospital in stable condition. >> crazy weather in massachusetts of all places. tornado rips through the city of
5:24 pm
revere this morning. the national weather service has confirmed the ef2 twister touched down just 7 miles north of boston. debris you can see it's everywhere. that roof caved in right there. cars flipped, trees down. one person is injury. no word yet on the damage estimates. a tornado in connecticut captured on mobile phone video. look closely here and you can see the funnel clouds forming last night. the national weather service confirmed ef0 tornado did touchdown. it's the weakest classification for twister yet it did leave behind damage. >> it's been bad around here lately much the winds have been really treacherous. >> lightning strikes also damage the area along with what may have been a micro burst which basically is a concentrated and powerful blast of wind from above. an accident or no accident? police in minnesota are trying to figure that out tonight if a man meant to run over his wife with a car killing her. david mater was arrested shortly after it happened and his family's driveway thursday night. the medical examiner says diane
5:25 pm
mater died from multiple blunt force injuries and police are investigating the incident and say it appears to be an accident but mater may have been drunk behind the wheel and police say he could be charged with criminal vehicular homicide. >> the search continues in oregon for a missing mother. 38 year old jennifer houston went to run errands thursday but she never came home. she swiped her debit card at a gas station but then her family lost contact with her. houston's husband says the mother of two wouldn't vanish on her own and she would never leave her sons two and six years old. family has now launched a social media campaign using the hash tag find jennifer houston. >> africa two american aid workers say they have contracted one of the deadliest diseases known to man the o bowl la virus and there is no cure. symptoms include fever, sore throat, vomiting and bleeding. the world health organization says so far this year it has if he can infected nearly 1100 people across several african nations.
5:26 pm
the americans became infected while treating patients in west africa as they worked for a christian charity. >> at land to georgia is working with us closely. doctors without border social security working with us closely and we're doing everything that we can to keep our staff safe but the reality is it is a dea deadly disease. and it is easily spread. >> doctors say in each case the disease was spotted early? providing them with a better chance of survival. this current outbreak of ebola is the largest health officials have ever seen. you know, a lot of people believe honesty is key to a good relationship. because i always have. here's the question. is that always the case? >> new study suggests no. why some say maybe a little dishonesty could sometimes be good for your relationship. >> i don't know about that. we'll have to see about that one of nation's most respected newspapers says the federal government should lift its ban on marijuana. why the paper says we haven't
5:27 pm
learned from our own history. >> fans at a keith urban concert in hospital rushed to hos
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♪ >> here's a live look at center city tonight. those strong storms have moved out leaving clear skies and cooler temperatures. so there's good weather in our near future. chief meteorologist scott williams has those details coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. >> the latest now on breaking news we're on top of.
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prosecutors charged two men with murder in connection with the carjacking sexual assault and hit-and-run that left three children dead. it happened friday in north philadelphia. 19 year old jonathan rosa and 22 year old cornelius crawford are behind bars facing a late taney of charges. investigators say rosa turned himself in last night. police and u.s. marshals arres arrested crawford last night. they say the two men forced a woman into her car, sexually assaulted her, then carjacked her. police say they lost control of the car and smashed into a fruit stand killing the three children and injuring three others. if convicted rosa and crawford both face live in prison. developing now another day of escalating violence in the middle east. despite talk of a new temporary cease fire in gaza, both sides are launching new attacks. over the weekend israelis agreed to 12 hour truce deal proposed by hamas but it didn't hold as the muslim holy month of ramadan comes to an end.
5:31 pm
a brief break in fighting in gaza is over. secretary of state john kerry is now turning hope to rolling cease fires between hamas and israel as diplomatic solution to end the violence seems illusive. >> momentum generated by a humanitarian cease fire is the best way to be able to begin to negotiate and find out if you can put in place a sustainable cease fire. >> reporter: kerry is pushing for a pause in the violence in order to have the time needed to disarm hamas. what israel has advocated for sin the beginning of the conflict. there is concern that if no agreement is in place soon, fighting could resume in full force. the united nations security council held a midnight meeting on the crisis and called for an immediate and unconditional humanitarian cease fire. >> this aggression is not sustainable. we need to see fundamental changes. >> reporter: today an tack win yards of gaza's main hospital
5:32 pm
and a nearby refugee camp left at least 12 dead including children. as the death toll is now above 1,000. both sides are trading blame for the strike. white house is increasingly concerned about the number of civilian casualties in gaza. >> no country can abide rockets reigning down on its people or terrorists tunneling underground to kill orchid nap its people white house is defending consider row's efforts to end the gaza war. he spent five days in the middle east and only negotiated 12 hour pause in the fighting between hamas and israel. >> meantime, some bittersweet news out of gaza. a newborn baby was safely delivered from her dying mother. the palestinian baby girl was born in a hospital in the southern gaza strip. her mother, father and siblings were all killed in an israeli air strike. doctors had to perform a quick surgery to get the baby out alive. but she remains in an incubator and in serious condition. >> 11 days since malaysia
5:33 pm
airlines flight 17 crashed in eastern ukraine and international investigators still cannot secure the sight intense fighting is keeping experts from australia and the netherlands from reaching it. the united nations still calling for a full investigation into the do you know of the plane saying it could very well amount to a war crime. as this story continues to develop, you'll find those details on more and more people are throwing their support behind the league saying of marijuana nationwide. and the new york times is now right there with them. the 163 year old newspaper featured an editorial yesterday calling for a repeal of the federal ban on the drug. the headline of the article "repeal prohibition again". the editorial compares the government stance on marijuana to the prohibition on alcohol from 1920 to 1933. the piece of is part of a series the paper says will explore different aspects of marijuana use. the new york times is a largest newspaper in the nation to call for an end to the federal ban on
5:34 pm
marijuana. >> is it time to legalize it? it's a burning issue. fox 29 traveled all the way to colorado to explore. one of two states where recreational marijuana is legal. our own chris o'connell brings you an inside look at colorado's booming marijuana business. could pot shops like these be headed to pennsylvania and new jersey? some say it's about time. >> i think we're heading towards legalization in most of the country. for people like us, we don't do alcohol. you know, we think this is a much safer thing. >> fox 29's chris o'connell traveled all the way to colorado to get you an inside look at the world of legal pot. full report from chris tonight on the fox 29 news at 10:00. and we know that too much sugar is bad for you cutting it it out owl together is bad thing as well. >> why health experts say doing that could kill you. probably has a to do with
5:35 pm
glucose being vital to life. a plane makes an emergency landing oh and a florida beach killing a father and badly injuring his young daughter. that dad's chilling facebook post earlier that day. >> the university is of delaware is about to welcome its largest freshman class ever. good news for the school could mean inconvenience for the students. the new living arrangements at 6:00. >> beautiful conditions. breezy right now there there could be a spotty shower normal and west but a drier pattern moving in and below average temperatures. moving in and below average temperatures. details on your seven
5:36 pm
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hurry to h.h. gregg, and fill your home with happy.
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>> keith urban concert turned into a drunken mess in massachusetts saturday night. more than 40 people needed medical assistance after getting way too drunk. half of them had to go to the hospital. how bad was it? listen in. >> they were clumps of people all over the place. they were unside. they were in the lawn area. they were out along the outsid
5:39 pm
outsides. they were everywhere. >> clumps of people. authorities say there were nearly 20 thus san people that went to the concert. they arrested several. in health news tonight, safety concerns over she was garr free diets. some dieticians even warn that cutting sugar out entirely could kill you. with that said it's very difficult to do. according to dieticians studying fad diets for the charity organization sense about science cutting out she was gas completely would leave you with only meats and fats to eat as even vegetables have natural sugars in them. the dieticians say a balanced diet is still the best way to live a healthy life. >> everything in moderation. >> right. >> there's more evidence tonight that exercising at work may be good for you. >> at work. yes. the mayo clinic is among the organizations that say just getting up from your desk to stretch or walk could improve your health. and with that in mind, treadmill desk are growing in popularity with over 50,000 of them being used in offices around the world. some schools even install these treadmill desks to keep kids active for at least one class. there's in time frame for that
5:40 pm
plan. >> not good to get up gone to the vending machine. right. unhealthy snack. >> making notes here. breast feeding moms who work at johns hopkins hospital now have a new resource. if they find themselves in bind. >> on the subject of vending machines easy as stepping by vending machine. you can buy breast feeding equipment from this machine. it opened for business last month includes pump accessories, storage bottles, pads, creams, mom know what i'm talking about. other flies for nursing moms much this the brain child of a hospital employee who was a nursing and working mother and, yes, that is difficult business. here's question for you. would you be angry if you discovered the love of your life, the love of your life, was lying to you? >> a new study suggests that you shouldn't be. why a little dishonesty could sometimes be good for your relationship. and they thought they may never walk again. until now. after the break the new suit that's giving wheelchair bound paraplegics a shot at lives they've only dreamed of.
5:41 pm
had you ward? >> open practice today by the eagles right across the street at the linc and the fans got to see a little bit more today. it was a skirmish, another one, between two eagles players. we
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>> tragic story out of florida. a small plane crash landed in venice beach and hit a man and his daughter just walking down the beach. the father was killed and his daughter was left in critical condition. officials say the pilot made a distress call saying he had to make an emergency landing. pilot and his passenger were not
5:45 pm
hurt. >> not something you see every day. i was not expecting to come to the beach and see a plane on the ground. propeller was bent pretty bad. there was some dents on the wings and stuff. >> the incident is under investigation and the man who was killed was enjoying beech day with his family on his wedding anniversary. earlier that day he posted on facebook wishing his wife a happy anniversary saying he couldn't wait to see what the next 100 years had in store for them. >> love her or not, sarah palin is taking her brand and message to her own network former gop vice-presidential candidate has started an online network. sarah palin channel went live yesterday. it's a quote direct connect to the supporters of the former alaskan governor. it costs $10 a month to subscribe. she had been a fox news contributor until last year. >> ripping a page from the bionic woman, we have new hope to note for paraplegics facing the process joke of never walking again. >> fda approved the sale of a
5:46 pm
special suit that lot of people call a miracle. here's fox's hal eisner. >> reporter: you'ring log at a promotional video offering wheelchair bound paraplegic as chance to walk again, hike again, go up and downstairs again, robotic legs, they look like something right out of a science fiction movie. in 2007, steven wilson was in a wreck so bad he's lucky to be alive. he's walking with the help of robotic legs from row walk robotics that until recently were only used in physical therapy centers. now fda approved them for personal use specifi specificalh spinal cord injuries like steven has. >> we watch as he came to the center in his wheelchair. slid into another chair so he could slide into the legs. got special shoes on. was buckled into the chair. outfitted were it backpack that has the computer and battery and there's a controller, and up he goes. >> it's not as easy as it was to
5:47 pm
walk before my injury but walking around it's not too tiring. as long as the terrain is pretty flat and smooth. >> it has a tilt sensor that's on the pelvis or the torso and basically just like, you know, tilt sensor in your iphone basically it's going to react to little changes in motion. so every time a person shifts their weight from 1 foot to the next foot, the tilt sensor senses it and it tells the foot to move forward. >> reporter: wilson says it isn't always that easy. >> sometimes we're battling eve other much it's a little bit of a struggle but, you know, i think therapy is struggle, you know. it's a long road ahead to overcome a spinal cord injury and it's not easy so i mean that's part of the struggle. >> reporter: this device really isn't all that cheap. $69,500. not covered by insurance yet. but they're working on that. the cost versus the benefits company officials say it can help your circulation, it can also improve pain management.
5:48 pm
most of all, it can help somebody walk. we're in long beach. hal eisner, fox news. >> that's amazing. >> incredible. >> yeah. >> how about this? apparently little white lie which is strengthen relationships? >> well, so say psychologists from oxford university. i don't know. they say stretching the truth to protect someone's feelings can be a good thing. i can understand that. actually help you and your partner form a tighter bond but lying here's the distinction so everybody please take note here, lying to cover up some type of miss deed obviously hurts your relationship and leaves you feeling lonely and isolated. so what's considered a white lie? excellent question. let's say telling someone you like their haircut when you're in the a huge fan or no honey the pants look fabulous on you. something like or liking something on facebook when you really don't. that's how that try and clear it up. okay. >> well back to your fox 29 weather authority now. we had some pretty severe storms. >> yes, we did. >> last night in our area. whole different story today. >> turning the corner from the
5:49 pm
severe weather threat. there could be a spotty shower north and west. you ready for 50. >> no i'm not. >> yes. >> 50s are in the forecast. >> just at night. it's okay, iain. >> it's july. >> get out your winter coat, iain. all right. we're talking about below average temperatures over the next several days. but we're getting a break from the heat. it's not going to feel like summer over the next several days. in fact look at the item which are right now. a comfortable 83 degrees. humidity looking pretty good in the low 40s. but look at the wind out of the west at 18 miles per hour. those winds have been gusting at times over 30 miles per hour today. so winds of change moving in as we progress throughout the evening. looking at ultimate doppler, a few spotty showers trying to make its way toward sections of the lehigh valley right now south of allentown also north of the reading area. most of that activity will fizzle as it tries to approach the north and western suburbs of the philadelphia area. the satellite and radar showing some lightning well to the north and east of us. severe weather moving into
5:50 pm
sections of vermont and massachusetts as well as new hampshire connecticut reports of tornadoes over the last several days with that system. an area of low pressure that's pulling away but it will be bringing some drier air in our forecast. the low this morning, 69 degrees. the afternoon high 84. that's below average. we should top out in the upper 80s this time of year. sunsets this evening at 8:18. looking at those temperatures right no, upper 70s, low 80s for most of but 60 degrees in the poconos where showers moved through and kind of cooled the atmosphere a lot. look at the dew point. the measure of moisture in the atmosphere. any time it's below 60 it starts to feel a little more comfortable dew points dropping into the 50s pretty much area wide. so that means lowering humidity as we move into the overnight. open up the windows let some of that fresh air in. for tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. dry below average temperatures. many locations will struggle to make it to get this 80 degrees tomorrow. by the middle of the week it stays comfortable.
5:51 pm
the humidity will remain low as well. so kind of locked in this pattern a trough toward sections of the east. a ridge out west. most of the oppressive heat and humidity stays to the west and our temperatures will stay below average as we are dealing with that air mass from canada drawing in some of the drier air. here's a look at ultimate doppler with the front. you can see hoy pressure moving in behind it. all of the heat, humidity and storms to the south along and out ahead of that system not having to deal with severe weather as we move into tonight. in fact take look as thing play out tuesday lot of sunshine. dry conditions moving into your tuesday night looking pretty quiet. by the middle of the week, still stuck in that pattern with lot of sunshine and pleasant conditions across our area. so look at the temperatures for tonight. 56 degrees in the suburbs. low 60s in the city. winds out of the northwest for your tuesday we're looking at mostly sunny conditions. 80 degrees will be the high temperature. in fact, i said most of the suburbs will stay in the 70s for
5:52 pm
high temperatures tomorrow. and then look at wednesday. low 80s. sun and clouds. mixing as we move into thursday. low 80s continuing for friday. the upcoming weekend. friday and saturday and sun today there could be a pop up showers and storms. but the bottom line, it's summer and we're not talking about 90-degree heat or heat wave right now. >> that's all right. it will be fine. >> 80 social security good. thank you very much, scott. >> in october it is. let's get you back out to novacare complex and howard eskin. you know how we were talking those little skirmish i'm not getting along with scott and lucy right now and those below average temperatures much it's just a minor thing. >> it will be on t in. z next time you turn around. be careful. we'll all be part of it. what the heck? >> the eagles actually had an open practice today, but more importantly, if you don't think these guys work and you think that's all it is, they're still in there some of them still in the novacare complex for meetings. they practiced across the street at the linc. some of the players are in the indoor facility going through
5:53 pm
another walk through. these guys do work but today was day for any fans that wanted to come. they could come into the linc and they did. the eagles had practice today at lincoln financial field. and there was about 15 -- estimated about 15,000 fans showed up. but they saw something a little bit more at practice than you would normally see between the quarterback and the receivers and the defense. you saw a little skirmish. so a little more than yesterday's skirmish. today it was jeremy maclin the wide receiver and the cornerback bradley fletcher and fletcher tried to put it i guess when you have these camp fights in perspective. >> just playing ball. like i was saying emotions got going and one thing led to another but, you know, we just come back practice again. our day off. >> hey, man it's football. emotions get going and, you know, things happen, but we're all just working to get better. >> you know what it is football but i will tell you this. a couple of players told me maclin was really angry when he
5:54 pm
got back here. usually it's over when it's over. and they move on. i think they'll move on from this but it was little bit differ. carey williams who had fight last year with one of the patriots were they came down here to practice, he also gave his perspective with the defensive players and they get into fights. >> guys out here giving it everything they got on every play, um, you're tired, you're not getting too much sleep, you know, you're in different environment from what you were at home it's hard to get those nine hours, 10 hours of sleep, man. and, yeah, just frustrated, man and everybody is out there competing. two guys that didn't want to become down at a particular time and those things happen. >> yeah, they do happen. they may happen again. now, let's talk a little football today. nick foles obviously is always a focus and chip kelly spoke today about how much better it is for nick foles this year at training camp. >> obviously there's still a lot of open positions in terms of
5:55 pm
who we'll fit with whom. um, but, you know, him getting back on the same page the one thing we didn't have jeremy maclin last year. he actually went down yesterday a year ago. so we didn't have mack at all. so it wasn't like mike or nick got a chance to really work with mac. we've had some new faces with jordan, you know, and josh huff going getting in the mix there darren sproles. there's new face force him to get acclimated were it. >> the phillies if you still car about the baseball season they play tonight in new york. treaded line on thursday. don't expect anything dramatic. teams are tal talking about marn byrd and antonio bastard dome let's be honest. what are you going to get for bastardo or marlon byrd? nothing that's going to change even the minor league system around. coming up at 6:00, you think chip kelly an active guy who just ran by here to go to practice with the players? he talks about a time that he would fall asleep watching football. that's coming up at 6:00 o'clo 6:00 o'clock. >> got to hear that story. thank you very much, howard. and straight ahead another half hour full of news at
5:56 pm
6:00 continuing coverage of breaking news. two men now charged in the carjacking that killed three children. tonight how police tracked them down. >> and heartless thieves target a local daycare stealing food, toys, even some class pets. the clues police found at the sc
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5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. >> breaking tonight. a story that has the city in mourning. two men now charged with murder in a deadly carjacking that killed three children. jonathan rosa and cornelius
6:00 pm
crawford charged with sexual assault. police announcing a short time ago they believe the men sexually assault add woman after carjacking her vehicle and before that horrible crash. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. >> i'm luce zoo nolan. let get straight to fox 29's dave schratwieser live at philadelphia police headquarte headquarters. dave a lot of things happening. >> reporter: no doubt, lucy. homicide detectives literally refused to go home this weekend until they tracked down these two accused killers. they did that overnight with the help of the us marshals and tonight the two suspects are behind bars awaiting arraignment on murder charges. it took homicide detectives just hours to start tracking down 19 year old jonathan rosa and 22 year old cornelius crawford after the two suspects bailed out of this carjacked suv. by sunday night, both men were at police headquarters being questioned within hours they were charged with murder. >> both of these defendants boar being charge width three counts of murder in the second degree. bo o


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